Wordads Vs Adsense

WordAds launched to a wider WordPress community making it possible for self-hosted WordPress blogs to use their platform.You can see the technical details and limitations of WordAds in the post but here’s the summary.It’s not a good idea to compare WordAds and Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular established platforms for publishers but WordAds is a new player in the market that just works for WordPress websites as of now.WordAds was only built for WordPress.com blogs and it has just opened for all WordPress websites.

WordAds in a way has combined capabilities of both Adsense and Adwords and made it available for WordPress.It’s simply trying to provide a built-in and easy service for WordPress bloggers and publishers to display advertisements and make money out of their content.You will also be surprised that Google Adsense is one of the partners of WordAds program.WordAds say that they simply manage ad partners like Adsense, Federated Media, and dozens of others for WordPress publishers.

I hope it makes more sense on why not to compare these platforms now.Important question to ask might be what works better for your blog in terms of making more revenue.Also, if you have access to both of these platforms, then you can compare to see what you should be using. The key differences then are:

– WordAds provide you with limited control in terms of what advertisements are displayed on your website. With Adsense you have more control over what is displayed on your websites.

Courtesy:- Quora Talks 


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