Movies That Elon Musk Recommends You Should Watch

Elon Musk who is known as the second entrepreneur of Silicon Valley is also the CEO of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and PayPal. He is determined towards innovation of new and sustainable technologies and aeronautics. Known for his hard work, Elon works for 80 to 100 hours per week. Musk mostly has an interest in reading books, but there are some movies which re recommends his followers should.

1. The Martian


Since Musk is keen to colonize Mars in the near future, he definetly recommends his followers to watch the Hollywood’s great sci -fi movie, The Martian. It provides an illustrated insight of living on Mars and the struggle that comes with it.

2. Iron Man


Once, when Musk had a meeting with Robert Downey Jr. he mentioned that he really loved the movie, Iron Man which signals that he has obviously watched it, and appreciated it. Most of his followers, also call Musk as “The real life Iron Man”, for his incredible companies and technological advancements.

3. The Hitchhiker Guide To Galaxy

Also his favorite book, as he told in one of the interviews, The Hitchhiker guide to galaxy is also one of his top favorite movies which he recommends everyone to watch.


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