Interstellar Travel, No Longer A Dream

Recently, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has shown interest and reportedly invested in a Martian cultivation kit, artificial gravity and above all, an interstellar thruster !

Some of the proposed missions designed by NASA aim to send humans to Mars by 2030, and others include inter-galactic travel. The most interesting idea however, is to plan a fuel-free propulsion system able to turn interstellar travel from a piece of fiction to reality.

How is it going to work apparently? “Match effects” will be harnessed to generate enough thrust without any moving parts.  “Future goal would be interstellar travel to the nearest [planet outside our solar system], within 5-9 lightyears’ distance,” Fearn (NASA engineer) wrote. “A mission of this type might take 20 or more years using the MET thruster.”

Fearn has also proposed of a star ship craft, based on the similar design without using any moving parts.

After all, inter-galactic travel is no longer a piece of science fiction or confined to dreams. Its just a matter of time, before the secret is encoded using astrophysical skills of the modern era.  


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