Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos

Around 14,000 space researchers and entrepreneurs recently gathered in Washington D.C. to pitch a plan regarding human developments in space. The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos has been acting as a commander in the program “Blue Origin” that focuses to establish human settlement on the moon. The idea has been pitched to NASA and the Trump administration on white paper. It should be noted that within just a year, the company has conducted successful tests of launching and landing the rockets five times.

Similarly, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors innovated the idea of SpaceX in 2014, that focuses on  advanced space research and development. Surprisingly, two individuals are planned to travel beyond the moon in the next two years according to the SpaceX program.

“During the Obama years, much of the space industry was focused on getting to Mars. But now under President Trump, many are seeing efforts being re-focused on the moon, getting there, and staying there for extended missions. Bezos and Musk see moon missions as an out-of-this-world business opportunity.”


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