Pedigree Doesn’t Determine Success

It is often misunderstood, that the son/daughter of a genius is born with equivalent capabilities. It is true however, that the offspring may possess a high IQ similar to the parent, but that doesn’t determine that he/she will conquer the same success.

Hard work, effort and determination is the key to entrepreneurial success.Rule number 1 is to cease every opportunity and make the best of it.Entrepreneurship is like a school. A school where you learn lessons, improve after making mistakes, fail and then try again. Most importantly, you don’t give up, and this is what forms rule number 2.

Believe in the ideology, “Either you win or you lose.” There is no concept of losing or failing, because that might provoke you to give up on your dreams.

The answers lie inside you. The answers to being a successful entrepreneur lie inside you. All you need to do is look, listen and trust.


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