5 Best Startup Stories Of All Time

Every day, every hour individuals across the globe initiate their own startups in hopes of becoming successful entrepreneurs and innovators. Very frankly speaking most of these  are unable to make it beyond an average range due to the lack of ideas, innovation, motivation or simply determination. However, some startups end up earning millions worth of revenue. Here is a list of 5 best startup stories of all time.

5. Blab.im

This platform was initiated by tech nerds who were fired from their office due to their “un required skills.” Just 14 days after, they were able to create their own startup project, Blab and had its Beta version fully ready. They give true sense to the proverb, “Sometimes it takes getting out of the environment you’re in to figure out what you’re really capable of.

4. AirBnB (Co-founders, Brian Chesky & Joe Gebbia)

After Airbnb, originally named Airbed and Breakfast, was just that: renting an air mattress on someone else’s floor with breakfast provided by the host. The idea kind of flunked, but became ‘profitable’ by selling Obama and McCain themed cereal while they tweaked the product. They actually made money on the Obama O’s, but had to eat all the Cap’n McCains to stay alive and keep the company afloat.

3. The Muse (CEO & Co-founder, Katherine Minshew)

Katherine Minshew initiated this career advice platform back in 2011 with just $3,000 and several writers. As of today, the site hosts 1 million users every day. Katherine had to work her way up from being a hustling entrepreneur to where she is today.

2. Honest Tea (Co-founders, Seth Goldman &Barry Nalebuff)

Seth, an active grad student, was continually in search of the perfect post-exercise drink. Not too sweet; not too tasteless. He gave up on trying to find that perfect balance and started brewing his own tea in his kitchen! He quit his job and after five short weeks of obsessive tea brewing, he brought thermoses of his tea — yes, thermoses — to Fresh Fields (Whole Foods Market). To his surprise, the buyer ordered 15,000 bottles, and Seth and his Yale professor and co-founder, Barry Nalebuff, were in business. All they needed to do was to figure out how to brew and package 15,000 bottles of tea. They did — and 15 years later, they’re making MUCH more tea than that.

1. Tessemae (Co-founders, Brian Vetter & Greg Vetter)

Imagine you’re really craving some of your mom’s famous homemade salad dressing, only to get home and realize the bottle is missing from your fridge. Confused, you go through a number of scenarios in your head and come to one conclusion: your best bro totally broke into your house to steal it. And that, my friends, is the moment you realize you’ve got a really great business idea at your fingertips. It’s also the story behind the Whole Foods favorite, Tessemae’s All-Natural salad dressing line.


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