Forbes: How a CEO made $100 million by creating his career through social media

Frisella’s mindset and the 17-year journey it took for him to build this personal health empire is worth reading up on in itself. In fact, he has even launched a wildly successful podcast called The MFCEO Project where he shares his brutally blunt advice and mindset while teaching aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders what it really takes to build something truly successful.

“You have to realize, everything we built from the very beginning was self-funded. We didn’t have rich parents. We didn’t have investors. Everything came out of pocket. And since we didn’t have the budget to advertise, and social media didn’t exist back then, the only way we could get people to come to our store was to go out and meet them.

Every single day, we would go to every nearby business on foot, shake hands with the owners, people in the store, and I’d say, ‘Hey, I’m Andy, I own Supplement Superstores down the road. This is what we do, and if you need anything just come see us.’ That’s how we made friends, and started to have 2-3 people show up every day. And in order to keep them in the store, we would talk with them, talk about their lives, their kids, etc.

If there is one entrepreneur who knows the real value of building social relationships, and how they can extend into the world of social media, it’s health and fitness mogul Andy Frisella.

– Brian Rashid, Forbes.

img credit, Andy Frisella.



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