Naveen Jain- Story of a SELF-MADE BILLIONAIRE

Naveen Jain, who came from India to the United States with hopes of “living the American dream” ended up being a billionaire.

He came to America with just $5 in his pocket and successfully became a renowned billionaire after founding the Internet company, Infospace. “Don’t limit yourself; go out and pursue your dreams” . This was the ideology used by Naveen Jain, and it worked quite well for him.

He believes that every successful company or individual has undergone the toughest of conditions, before they achieved what they have today. He urges the young people to be optimistic, take risks and believe in themselves. They should hustle to achieve their dreams and live up to their own expectations.

As an entrepreneur, he did not believe in the glass being half-empty or half-full. Rather, he questioned, whether he wants to fill this glass. According to him, the secret to success is to solve the social problems because they are extremely widespread. He wants ambitious individuals to dream so big that other people consider you as a crazy person.

“In order to make 1 billion dollars, solve a 10 billion dollars problem. Don’t think of them as problems; think of them as opportunities.” ~ Naveen Jain.



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