How to make money on Fiverr ?

How Does Fiverr Work?

This is an account from a Fiverr user himself.

“After you set up your account on fiverr, you set up your offerings, called gigs. This is the least amount of work you’re willing to do for $5. Well, really, for $4, because fiverr takes a hefty 20% of your earnings.

Fiverr has a huge marketplace, though, so it’s a great place to find work. As you improve your reputation on fiverr, you’ll advance in levels and be able to offer Gig Multiples and Gig Extras.

With Gig Multiples, people can order your gig times 2, 4, or whatever. This is great for people who want more than one of whatever service or product you’re offering.

With Gig Extras, you can ask for more money for more work. For example, I run a gig called “I will write a 500 word blog article for you.” That gig costs $5, but I have Gig Extras for longer blog posts; a Gig Extra to write 1,000 words worth of blog posts for an extra $5, 2,000 words for $10 extra, and so on and so forth. This is where you really start to make money.”

What Type of Professional is Fiverr Suited For?

Truth be told, fiverr is suitable for anybody who is willing to do a small amount of work for $5. The way I plan my gigs out is determining how much I want to earn in an hour, and then dividing that down into what I can do in 15 minutes.

I bill myself out at a minimum of $20 an hour, and can write a 500-word blog post in less than 15 minutes. Therefore, $5 for 500 words is reasonable to me.

There are all sorts of gigs on fiverr, from all sorts of professionals. You’ll find graphics designers, voice-over actors, writers, and personal coaches. This particular marketplace is a great way to find business, develop a business relationship, and build up your earnings.



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